Day 1 – Initial Recap

The main stage at Buckle and Boots was buzzing on Friday night, as some of Britain’s finest country acts lit up the Stockport countryside with fantastic performances, joined by Nashville dwelling Sonia Leigh!

You can always rely on Dexeter to bring their “A Game” to the stage, with yet another energetic and fun set, giving B&B’s audience a taste of what is to come throughout the weekend.

Having not managed to catch Honey Ryder live until now, we were excited to see them perform. They certainly didn’t disappoint, with a distinctive, perhaps Lady A-esque sound and their energy and passion is evident.

Sonia took to the stage next and has a lot of British fans, who were singing along and requesting songs! She clearly loves to have fun on stage, then mingle and hang out with the crowd. What more could you ask for?

Jack and Robert of Holloway Road have always been a D&S favourite, as approachable and fun ambassadors of “Geezer Country”. They are one huge ball of energy!

Finally, Raintown took to the stage and rounded off the evening in a way only they can. The crowd were dancing and singing along and definitely weren’t ready for the night to end.

19:00 – Dexeter
20:00 – Honey Ryder
21:00 – Sonia Leigh
22:00 – Holloway Road
23:00 – Raintown
00:15 – After Party


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