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Hear our interview with Jessica in March 2014 at C2C in London:

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Houston songstress Jessica Clemmons had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments after releasing her sophomore album ‘Loving This Day’ in 2012. Having poured her heart and soul in the record, which saw her rewarded with radio play and an acclaimed support slot on The Overtones UK tour, she found herself pondering the all important question ‘What If’…

Growing up in Texas, Jessica spent her formative years surrounded by the rich heritage of Country Music. While her parents indulged in cutting edge sounds of the Motown era, it was her Grandparents who introduced her to the story-telling vocals of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. Though there was no denying that Motown made her want to move, Country Music became her grounding.

Single Tonight (Audio Only)

Widely known for her big voice and soulful tones, Jessica wanted to raise the bar… she needed to tell her own story – not just connect with her audience emotionally but allow her words to do the talking. She reveals: ‘I love the way Country Music can tell a story… and I have plenty to say!’

Returning to Houston for a break after her 27-date support with The Overtones, Jessica set about making this transition a reality. Although she liked to think of Texas as the home of Country Music, she conceded that she would have to ‘let Nashville have this one… If you want to write a pop/country album you don’t go to LA or Chicago, you go to the place that specializes in it.’ So that is exactly what she did.

Love Like That (Audio Only)

Teaming up in Nashville with country stalwart Jeff Cohen (The Band Perry, Sugarland), Sherrie Austin (George Strait, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill), James T Slater (Rascall Flatts, Kellie Pickler, Martina McBride) and Lindsey Ray (Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato), Jessica knew she had to make every word count.

The result is Jessica’s most personal record to date. Channeling the storytelling that she had fallen in love with as a youngster, she found that the Nashville experience allowed her to open the flood-gates and keep it real. She admits, ‘Writing is like therapy for me. I found ‘What If’ a very difficult to write because it was one of the first times I have been so completely open. I think this is very important when trying to connect with the listener. When they feel your pain, heartache or even happiness, it enables them to connect.’

With the EP ready for it’s release in 2014, Jessica will be joining the one and only Boyzone as the only support act for their 20th anniversary arena tour throughout November and December. It appears that by asking ‘What If’, Jessica’s dreams may have just started to unravel in unexpected directions.


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