Pizza You Have to Try!

After a tough day in the office, nothing beats a naughty food treat to chill you out! Check out one of Dean’s new favourites.

One miserable evening, a young lady named Sheena and an ugly brute called Dean decided to order takeaway pizza. On this occasion, Domino’s would deliver the tasty treat to the overworked radio duo.

Feeling commanding, decisive and difficult to please, Dean designed a custom stuffed-crust pizza, picking from the wide array of toppings. This was to be named The Dean Supreme.

With enough meat to trigger an animal rights march, each slice of the pizza is heavy. A knife and fork or two-hand job unless you want things falling off!

Here are the toppings:

Green and Red Peppers (to pretend it’s at least slightly healthy)
Crispy Onions
Sliced Frankfurter

Enjoy fellow pizza lovers! Tweet your favourite toppings: @deanandsheena.

* Please note, Dean will not be held responsible for your bulging waist line, inability to move having eaten the pizza, heart attacks, diabetes, other miscellaneous medical complaints and so on.



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