Book Review: Dan Brown – Inferno

After having devoured several of Dan Brown’s previous novels, I stumbled across the pre-order details for Inferno almost by accident. I couldn’t believe that I’d almost missed it.

There was a short, free, excerpt available as a teaser so I downloaded this to my tablet and read it within about 10 minutes. There was no doubt that I would be purchasing the full book when it was released several weeks later.

Inferno is the fourth of Dan Brown’s books to feature the character Robert Langdon and, in true Dan Brown style, keeps you guessing right until the very end, with puzzles and conundrums that the characters must solve. Dan Brown has an incredible descriptive writing style which sometimes makes me feel like I’m watching a movie rather than reading a book. It also makes me want to travel to many of the locations the characters visit in the story.

I started this book in the evening of the day it was released and finished it only a few days later. I’d have probably read it more quickly if I was on holiday or not working. It’s a real page turner and the plot moves along quickly, although not so quick as to lose readers. There are several twists that you don’t see coming, however I was somewhat disappointed with the ending. I won’t say too much and give anything away but, for me, the ending seemed to fall quite flat after what I found to be a fairly explosive and dramatic story. It’s not that I enjoyed the book any less, it just didn’t live up to the expectation I had built up in my mind for the conclusion of the story.

Overall, though, I would recommend this book. You don’t need to have read any of Dan Brown’s other Robert Langdon novels as there is no continuing story, however I’d suggest you do as they are fantastic books. For me, Inferno is not quite as strong as the likes of The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons but I still found it hard to put down and very easy to read. A fast-paced adventure, ideal for escaping from reality for a while.


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