Rodizio Rico: BBQ Meat Fest

If you’re looking for Brazilian ‘Churrascaria’, there is only one place you need to consider in either London or Birmingham – Rodizio Rico. I now hear you asking “What the heck is Churrascaria?” – In short, a huge, massive, pumped up, OTT, insane GRILLED MEAT FEST.

We grabbed a table for four, overlooking one of the many canals in the centre of Birmingham. Things got rolling pretty quickly as we received drinks. Being my birthday weekend, I wasn’t going to miss out on a cocktail – Tropical fruit juice and Cachaca – mmmm.

A rather interesting salad bar is the first port of call. Somewhat removed from the tasty yet mundane Harvester or Pizza Hut offerings. A few of the items on offer left me wondering, even after tasting them. All good here though – don’t be afraid of the ‘purple stuff’, it’s yummy.

Overindulgence seems to be encouraged and flagging down your next slab o’ meat is no effort.

Very soon meat was being delivered to the table. We were being offered an array of beautifully grilled chops, ribs, steaks… the list really does go on. Each person at the table has a card, green on one side, red on the other. If the green side is face-up the food keeps on coming! Unlike some “all you can eat” restaurants where food is delivered, overindulgence seems to be encouraged and flagging down your next slab o’ meat is no effort.

All of the meat was flavoursome and of “good” to “excellent” in terms of overall quality. No reconstituted goat here! Even the chicken, a meat I’ve grown generally bored of, woke my sleepy taste buds.

Totally unnecessary, but thoroughly irresistible – dessert followed. A smooth, rich, chocolate and passion fruit mousse rounded off a superb meal for me.

Prepare to pay a little more than average, but for what you get in terms of quantity and quality, it’s definitely worth it. Full marks to Rodizio Rico (Birmingham) for its extremely satisfying and unique culinary experience!

Final score: 5/5!


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