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Buckle and Boots 2018: Saturday

Saturday at Buckle and Boots kicked off in the middle of the day, with a selection of talented BCMA Horizon acts. Jack and Ella were a highlight for us, and will no doubt already be familiar with regular listeners to our show.

The day was set to be much busier, with interviews and networking being the main focus. After all, it’s not a “jolly” for us, as fun as being at Buckle and Boots always is!

The early part of our afternoon saw us chat to Gasoline and Matches, along with O&O. From there, we headed to the paddock stage, where the tent was quite literally overflowing. Filmore, Miss Winter and Jess (of Jess and the Bandits) offered up a delightful “in the round”. Avoiding the crush, we enjoyed from outside!

We spoke to Jack and Ella, who we’ve supported on our show for more than a year now. We’re looking forward to their new material – both their solo releases and their next work as a duo.

Heading back to the main stage, we managed to catch most of Raihanna Estrada’s excellent performance, accompanied by husband Eric and her friend Miriam. 

Demi Marriner kept the party going, with the beers, ciders and cocktails flowing. 

We met Simon James, who spoke to us about his musical background and became another victim of Dean’s strange quiz idea!

Another Australian artist, Kirsty Lee Akers, delivered a bright performance, with the crowd singing along in the Saturday afternoon Manchester sun.

After a long journey, The Wandering Hearts arrived and talked to us about everything from early influences to ice-cream. Their harmonies are fabulous and these guys are a “must listen” if they’re new to you.

A favourite of the British country music scene, and key part of organising Buckle and Boots, Gary Quinn, had fans and newcomers alike dancing and singing along. He was briefly joined by the superb Jenn Bostic for a beautiful duet. 

Denny Strickland’s gritty pop/rock sound filled the air after 8pm. You have to wonder how much sleep some of our transatlantic visitors have managed to get before being thrust in front of an expectant audience! Hats off to them.

Filmore’s arrival on stage, as today’s kids would say, was “epic”! Flawless from start to finish, with energy I think we both wish we had. The crowd connected so well and seemed to love this artist we’ve just discovered – and will be featuring on our show regularly from now on.

Sheena has been obsessively listening to The Wandering Hearts over the past few weeks, so was excited to see them round off a great day. Their harmonies and slight retro vibe give them a unique sound. A fairly chilled way to end Saturday’s main stage action, but who said headliners have to blast your head off?


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