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Dumber than a chimp, twice as ugly!

Dean learned at the weekend that his hand print fits that of a chimp better than a human. He’s also dumber than the furry little creatures!  Oh dear.

IMG_1234We enjoyed a Saturday at Edinburgh Zoo.  It’s not our first visit, but probably our most exciting so far.  Often when you visit a zoo, half of the animals are sleeping or hiding – just to be awkward!  This time around we were lucky enough to catch pretty much everything, including eagles, a tiger and a leopard. As usual, the penguins were posing and making sure they jumped into every shot!

IMG_1094Dean enjoyed some time with the squirrel monkeys, at the time not realising they’re actually smarter than him!  A computer based memory and response test conclusively proved what we all knew anyway… We’ll be posting more photos and a video from the day very soon.


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