The YeeHaw Interviews: Week 1!

The talent was unbelievable at YeeHaw UK, this week you can hear our interviews with Sasha McVeigh, Dexeter, Goldie Reed, Raintown and The Shires.

Here are just a few photos from the event. Catch a full set on our Facebook page!


Sasha McVeigh – a surprise guest enjoying her set on the Saturday.


Gareth and Deeanne from Dexeter with two funny looking people!


Goldie Reed performing a lovely acoustic set with guitarist Paul on the Friday night.


Raintown rocking it up as they closed the show on Saturday.


Catching up with The Shires in the VIP tent.


Full interviews will be online very soon along with more info on all featured artists and links to their websites, social media pages and music on iTunes and other stores.




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