Artist To Watch: Dexeter

We’ll play you two tracks from their Brighter Skies mini-album and give you another chance to hear our chat with Deeanne and Gareth!

Hear the interview with Dexeter at Country 2 Country below:

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Dexeter play fresh contemporary country with a rock and roll twist from deep within the folds of Leicestershire. Twenty two years ago, guitarist and songwriter Gareth Thomas bought a guitar for £50 from a builder who kept it in the back of a pick up truck. From rock to metal to reggae and country, he bashed out a few chords at hundreds of gigs across the UK and Europe often to an audience consisting of the other bands on the bill, their girlfriends and the bar staff.

Lately though, things have got much more exciting since the band hooked up with talented vocalist Deeanne Dexeter. Having spent two years writing, rehearsing and social networking, they’ve met a great producer in a lovely studio that lets them sparkle, and are ready to release the harmony heavy musical bubbles in all of them bringing their own brand of feel good country music to the people of the UK and beyond. With regular Nashville radio play and interest from the BBC, Dexeter are ready for 2014 and everything it brings.

There’s also more on our Dexeter Artist Page.


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