Shoe Save 2

Another week, another pair of Dorothy Perkins shoes!  (It wasn’t my intention and I don’t even have that many pairs of shoes from Dorothy Perkins, just the way it turned out).

I wore these with a simple black midi dress from ASOS and they were surprisingly comfortable for a day at work.  I say surprisingly, I think I got these 6 years ago and I’ve only worn them a couple of times.  Guess this is what the challenge is for though,and I’m please I’ve rediscovered these.

No new shoes this week, which is just as well really.  I’m hoping to get another pair saved by the end of the week – only 26 pairs still to go.

If you want to join in the Shoeper shoe challenge and rediscover your shoes too, click here for more information.

(Shoes: Red shoes from Dorothy Perkins)


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