Shoe Save 3

This week’s shoe save is more of a boot save really.  These boots have only been in my collection for a couple of weeks and this was their first outing.

Ever since we went to the Country 2 Country festival in London earlier this year (click here for our roundup) I’ve been interested in a pair of ‘cowboy’ boots.  Now, many of the styles don’t do it for me – either because the heels are too low or the toes or too pointy – but these ‘Sidestep’ boots from Rocket Dog caught my eye and seemed like a good compromise.  They had their first outing when we went to see Leann Rimes in concert (seemed like a fitting occasion) and they proved to be incredibly comfortable.

I have technically worn my other pair of boots this week too but since they are worn pretty much every day in the winter, I thought I’d leave that ‘save’ for another week.

If you want to join in the Shoeper shoe challenge, click here for more information.

(Shoes: Black ‘Sidestep’ boots from Rocket Dog)


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