Shoe Save 5

I will admit I’ve not been that great at saving shoes for the past couple of weeks. I have however worn these boots countless times so I’ve decided I’m going to count them as saved now.

I bought these last year after what seemed like a never-ending hunt for a nice pair of boots.  Every pair I found were just not right in some way: heel too low, sole too smooth (I like a decent sole with a bit of grip for when the weather isn’t great), leg too narrow, just don’t like… so when I stumbled across these in an outlet store I pounced on them. Admittedly I’d have liked the heel to be slightly higher but the soles are good, they fit round the leg and, as an added bonus, are fleece lined so they keep my feet nice and cosy.

I imagine these will be worn a LOT this winter.

5 down, 23 to go…

If you want to join in the Shoeper shoe challenge, click here for more information.

(Shoes: Jana boots from Pavers Outlet)


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